Friday, 14 July 2017


Volunteers are required for a work party to undertake verge clearance.  This is your chance to get out into the fresh air and help you military community.

The path from DMS Whittington to the Whittington Primary School has become narrowed and overgrown making it difficult for mums and dads to walk their children to school.  It also makes it challenging for anybody going for a run.

As with most things now a day, Staffordshire County Council have no funds to undertake the work but they are very keen to support our efforts.

When do you need me?
2 Aug Jul 17 1200 to 1600
9 Aug Jul 17 1200 to 1600
16 Aug Jul 17 1200 to 1600
23 Aug Jul 17 1200 to 1600
You do not have to commit to the whole session, every little helps.

What do I need to bring?

Also if you have any of the following lurking at the back of your shed:

Half-moon cutter

What’s provided?
Water and a snack
Hi-Vis vest

What’s in it for me?
Fresh air
Free functional phys
Sense of achievement
Support for our DMS Whittington community

Where can I sign-up?
Email or call Debbie Hughes, Welfare Admin Support
Mil: 94422 5249
BT telephone: 01543 475249